Kabul (IP): The Taliban spokesman said that with the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, the group's plans to establish security, stability, and economic development in the Asian country would start.

Iran press/Asia: Zabihullah Mujahid in a press conference at Kabul airport on Tuesday in response to a question from Iran Press about the Taliban's plans stated that with full control of Kabul airport, security in the Afghan capital and other cities were provided and guaranteed.

He said that in order for Afghanistan's economic situation to return to normal, the Taliban were in contact with Afghan businessmen and investors to announce a new government as soon as possible.

He also stressed that after the establishment of the new government in Afghanistan, the reconstruction and development of this country is the first and most important priority of the Taliban.

With the withdrawal of the last US troops from Kabul airport, Taliban special forces were stationed at the airport on Tuesday.

Exclusive footage of the Iran Press News Agency shows the presence of Taliban special forces at the Kabul airport.


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