Afghan president to propose three-stage 'peace road-map'

The President of Afghanistan is going to propose a three-stage plan as a 'peace road-map' at this month's Istanbul Summit in Turkey.

Iran PressAsia:Three-phase peace roadmap for Afghanistan will be presented by Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a highly possible meeting in Turkey as he aims to reach an agreement with the Taliban before elections, media reports said.

Ghani's plan will be presented as a counter to proposals put forward by Washington, rejected by the Afghan government, that envisage immediate drawing up of a new legal system for an interim administration to include Taliban representatives.

According to the plan, Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani will first reach an agreement with the Taliban to end the war and establish a permanent ceasefire before the early elections in the country.

The second phase of Ashraf Ghani's plan will be the holding of presidential elections and the establishment of a 'peace government', as well as the implementation of arrangements to move towards a new political system in Afghanistan.

Drawing the framework of the constitution, the return of refugees and the development plan of Afghanistan is also considered as the third and final phase of Ashraf Ghani's proposal.

The Afghanistan Peace Summit is scheduled to be hosted by Turkey and with the participation of the United Nations this month.

The Afghan government and a number of Afghan politicians have stressed that they must agree on an agenda with the Taliban before attending the Istanbul summit.

Earlier, the US government proposed the formation of an interim government in Afghanistan in the presence of representatives of the Taliban, which was opposed by Ashraf Ghani.


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