In order to strengthen their illegal presence in Syria, the US forces brought military armored vehicles and logistics equipment from Iraq into the Al-Ramelan area on the outskirts of al-Hasakah, northeastern Syria.

Iran PressMiddle East: On Tuesday, Local sources reported that in the northeastern outskirts of al-Hasakah, an American convoy of 40 armored vehicles and trucks carrying military equipment and logistics from northern Iraq entered the illegal US base in the oil-producing area of Rmelan.

Also last Friday, US occupying forces moved 25 armored vehicles from one of their bases west of Hasakah to their illegal base at Al-Jair Airport in the Malikiyah area.

The United States continues to support armed groups and terrorists as part of its occupation plans in the region while propagating its divisive concepts.

It steals oil and underground resources in the Syrian Jazira region and strengthens the presence of its occupying forces in this country day by day. 219