Brigadier General Hatami

In a closed session in Iran's Majlis, Iran's Minister of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics said that due to the achievements of the last 40 years, today, the country is capable of producing more than 70% of helicopter and aircraft parts.

Iran PressIran news: The close session of Iran's parliament began on Tuesday morning with the presidency of the speaker, Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf.

In the session, the Minister of Defence and Armed Forces Support presented, Brigadier General  Amir Hatami presented a report to the MPs on the country's defence capabilities in the areas of missiles, the production of vessels and aerospace, and so on.

The representative of people of Najafabad, Abolfazl Abu Torabi quoted the Brigadier General Amir Hatami as saying: "With the efforts made during the last 40 years, we have reached the point where more than 70% of aircraft and helicopter parts are produced domestically."

According to the MP, Amir Hatami reiterated that although Iran is not among the aircraft and helicopters producing countries, we have been able to produce parts domestically and the country is one of the few countries that have reached this capability.

Abu Turabi noted: "The Minister of Defence added that although our forces enjoy the different types of helicopters and aircraft, the success is in the production and manufacture of aircraft parts and helicopters has been achieved."

The Minister went on saying: "In the field of aerospace, our progress is up-to-date and we have achieved a lot of success in this field." 212/207


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