Croatia (IP) - In the first four weights of the 2024 Grand Prix Zagreb Open, Iran's Abdollah Sheikh Azami won over Joseph Lavli from the US, in the 79 kg weight category.

Iran PressEurope: On the second day of the free-style wrestling competitions underway in Zagreb of Croatia on Thursday, Sheik Azami won over Lavallee as the US wrestler was superior 6-0.

In a comeback, however, the Iranian wrestler managed to make a hit and defeat his rival 9-6 to ascend to the next stage. 

In the 97 kg weight category, Iran's Kamran Ghasempour won over his Chinese rival 6-2 but in the semis, was defeated by Kyle Snyder from the US 0-4. 

Amir-Ali Azarpira was another Iranian wrestler who defeated a Polish wrestler Radoslaw Baran 5-0 and in the second round locked horns with the US' Michael Macchiavello, defeating him 10-0. 

The Iranian heavy wrestler Amir Hossein Zare won over Deng Zhiwei from China 10-0 and defeated a rival from the US 11-0 to ascend to the semi-final stage in the 125 kg weight category. 

Amir Hossein Masoumi another heavyweight wrestler from Iran defeated Givi Matcharashvili from Georgia 6-2 and in the second round, he won over Yousif Hamida from Egypt 3-0. 


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