IP - 74 Palestinians killed and more than 100 people injured in attacks by Israel in Gaza over the past 24 hours, the Gaza health ministry announced on Monday.

Iran Press/ West Asia: While on the 94th continuous day of relentless Israeli attacks from land, Sea, and air on Gaza,  22,835 people have been killed and nearly 59,000, in the past 24 hours Seventy-three Palestinians killed and 99 wounded in attacks by Israel in Gaza.

Fears are rising over the status of al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in central Deir el-Balah, where 600 patients and healthcare staff went missing. The hospital received 150 to 200 wounded people daily in recent weeks.

The Israeli army has claimed overnight attacks on “30 significant targets” in Khan Younis.

The UN agency for Palestinian refugees says its facilities have been attacked 220 times since the start of the war, and this includes 63 direct hits.

1.4 million Palestinians are now sheltering in 155 UNRWA facilities across the five governorates of the Gaza Strip, and a further half a million are residing in close vicinity.

Only five out of 22 UNRWA health centers are still operational in the central and southern parts of the enclave, the organization said in its latest situation report.

The Israeli air force says it carried out a series of overnight attacks on Hezbollah targets in Lebanon.

Meanwhile, Islamic Resistance in Iraq claims a cruise missile attack on Haifa.

Islamic Resistance in Iraq has claimed to have launched an “advanced cruise missile” at the key city of Haifa in the past few days.

It promised more attacks would be forthcoming.


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