Tehran (IP) - The aim to hold the event is to introduce and promote the capabilities of women in the field of knowledge-based and technological companies.

Iran PressIran news: Biotechnology, genetics, mechatronics, medicine, and medicinal plants, cultural industries, information and communication technology, commercialization, and creative and transformative companies were among the most important parts of the event.

Attending the event, Chairman of the Iranian parliament's Knowledge-Based Economy Fraction Seyed Mohsen Dehnavi noted: "We all support women."

He further stressed establishing funds for women in active Knowledge-Based fields.

Also, Somayeh Rafiei, head of 'Specialist Women Foundation' stated: "With togetherness, we can overcome shortages."

She said: "Iranian women are well-known in the world."

She concluded: "The aim to establish the 'Specialist Women Foundation' is to showcase Iran's women's capabilities Worldwide."


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