Tehran(IP): The Italian Embassy in Tehran hosted today the preview of the exhibition "Mohsen Vaziri Moghaddam. Unrealized Projects. Dynamic Sculptures from Small to Monumental 1968-2018" in the residence of Ambassador Giuseppe Perrone.

Iran PressIran news: "The exhibit showcases interactive sculptures by Mohsen Vaziri Moghaddam, by many considered to be the champion of modernist painting in Iran.  

This is while the exhibition is going to start at Argo Factory on November 26.

Vaziri Moghaddam was born in 1924 in Iran and relocated to Italy at a young age to complete his studies and carry out his artistic work. The exhibition is being organized by the "Pejman Foundation" and the “Fondazione Mohsen Vaziri Moghaddam" headed by Vaziri Moghaddam’s son and based in Rome, with the support of the Italian Embassy in Tehran.

This initiative, indicated Ambassador Perrone in his introductory remarks, aims at celebrating a great artist, Mohsen Vaziri Moghaddam, who drew inspiration from European abstract artistic movements and Italian art and nature. It will also highlight the depth of the cultural link between Italy and Iran as well as their mutual artistic influences.

Curated by the Maestro’s son Hamoun Vaziri, the exhibit includes a group of about one hundred works in the collection of the “Fondazione Mohsen Vaziri Moghaddam”, such as sculptures, bas-reliefs, sketches, and rhythmic aluminum reliefs. 

Three years after the artist’s death, one of the most important creative periods of his career, between 1966 and 1978, will be investigated through the showcase for the first time all of his studies, maquettes, and sculptures from this period. For the occasion, visitors can also interact with artworks by assembling and disassembling them according to their own wishes.

The preview at the Italian Residence’s Persian garden featured an iconic wooden sculpture created by Vaziri Moghaddam in 1970, which reproduces anthropomorphic repeated shapes with arms that can be opened up to 3-4 meters.

During the event, the documentary "Mohsen Vaziri Moghaddam,Hands in Earth" was also screened.

The film, produced by the Italian Embassy in Tehran in collaboration with Yasmin Zandieh and Ehsan Ronagh for the exclusive video series “From Tehran to Rome. A Journey through Art."


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