Aug 10, 2018 08:20 Asia/Tehran
  • Iran: World must stop Saudi crimes in Yemen

Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi on Thursday condemned massacre of Yemeni students by the Saudi-UAE planes and asked the world community to stop these crimes.

Iran press/Middle East -  Qasemi voiced sympathy with the survivors of the victims of the Saudi-UAE planes' 'war crime' in targeting a bus in which Yemeni students were aboard.The event killed or injured tens of innocent children.


According to IRNA news agency, Qasemi asked the international communities and human rights bodies to use any possible means to prevent continuation of such crimes by the countries invading Yemen.

He said intensification of bombardment of residential regions and targeting civilian areas are a sign of consecutive failures of the coalition forces in the battle fronts.

He voiced sorrow over continuation of arms support of the so-called advocates of human rights for Saudis and the UAE and said, 'They (the so-called advocates of human rights) are accomplices in the war crimes and should be held accountable.'

Qasemi urged the UN and the influential countries to build-up efforts to immediately halt the attacks and take necessary measures to protect safety and security of civilians, especially women and children.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres calls  for an independent and prompt investigation into the deadly Saudi-led coalition airstrike that hit a  school bus in Yemen .

Saudi-led coalition jets had struck a school bus at a busy market in Yemen's Saada province on Thursday . According to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), citing local officials, a total of 50 people died in the attack, while another 77 were injured.

This is not the first time that Saudi warplanes target children, last month in Saudi attacks on a school in Al-Hudaidah province in western Yemen three Yemeni civilians were killed.

After receiving a green light from the United States, Saudi Arabia and a number of its Arab allies, such as United Arab Emirates, launched a military aggression against  Yemen in March 2015, citing the reinstatement of deposed fugitive Yemeni president, Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi, as the reason.

Some 14,000 Yemeni civilians including children, women and the elderly have so far lost their lives as a result of the Saudi-led coalition aggression.


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