Jul 13, 2018 10:50 Asia/Tehran
  • Iraqi Kurdistan regional parliament votes to suspend presidency of semi-autonomous region

The Iraqi Kurdistan regional parliament has voted to suspend the post of the president of Kurdistan region, raising the prospect of a parliamentary system of government in Iraqi Kurdistan.

The Kurdistan regional parliament on Wednesday, 11 July  2018, adopted a bill proposed by the Change Movement (Gorran)  to suspend the post of the president of  Kurdistan region‌, announcing that no presidential elections will be held in the semi-autonomous region.   

The draft law submitted by the  Change Movement  on the presidency of the Kurdistan Region consisted of the following: Article 1: The presidential election won't be held with the fifth session of parliamentary elections in the Kurdistan region. 

Article 2: The law of distributing the privileges  and power of the presidency ,  passed by the parliament last year, will remain in force. 

Article3: The fifth session of the Parliament of Kurdistan region must decide on the fate of the Presidency of the region during its first legislative term.  No other terms of the law which is against this law shall be implemented and other related institutions must implement the law after its approval by the parliament, according to Articles 4 and 5.

A decision was made to distribute the privileges and power of the presidency  among the legislative, executive and judiciary branches of the government , after Masoud Barzani stepped down as president of the region on November 1, 2017.