Apr 22, 2019 18:45 Asia/Tehran

Iranian MP and the member of national security and foreign policy commission in Majlis said that voting session for details of the bill to support IRGC will be held tomorrow.  

Iran Press / Iran News: Ali Najafi Khoshroudi added in an exclusive interview with Iran Press that the bill to support IRGC against US move will be held tomorrow. 

"The general outlines of the motion and double-urgency bill to support of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) was approved last week and forwarded to national security and foreign policy commission;" said Iranian MP, adding that "This was addressed in the commission and returned it to Majlis. As routine, the bill was on today's agenda, but some of colleagues have suggested to forward it to the commission for more scrutiny. Members agreed the suggestion and the bill was forwarded again to the commission".

He continued that: "The bill will be addressed in the commission and brought to the floor for voting in Majlis. Due to its implications to national security and interests, it is natural to scrutinize the bill and recognize the various departments and agencies considerations".

The bill features 13 articles, condemning the US move as counterproductive to regional and international peace and stability, and calling for the reciprocally designation of the US Central Command (CENTCOM) as “a terrorist organization,” among others.

On April 8, US President Donald Trump placed IRGC on terrorism blacklist which drew a fierce reaction from the global community.

Condemning US illegal action against the IRGC, Supreme National Security Council of Iran designated the US Central Command (US CENTCOM) as a terrorist group.

Condemning recent terrorist attack in Sri Lankan, he offered condolences to the families of the victims and expressed sympathy with the people and government of Sri Lanka.

"As we said before, terrorism has no border, religion and will not limit itself to specific geographic region," the MP continued.

He stressed that "Combating terrorism requires real and serious international resolve and Islamic Republic of Iran as a pioneer in this struggle, played a major role in the region. We hope that countries in around the world show real intent to fight terrorism and cooperate in this way". 212/ 105 



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