Feb 12, 2019 20:07 Asia/Tehran

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that foreign pressures have failed to bring the Iranian government to its knees.

Iran Press/Iran news: Addressing ambassadors, diplomats and foreign ministers in a speech on Tuesday, Mohammad Javad Zarif said: "Report to your countries that you can’t tear apart the Iranians from their government through pressures thus, stop pursuing this policy." 

''You saw yesterday that these people are sticking to their revolution," added Zarif in reference to the nationwide rallies that marked the start of the fifth decade of the Islamic Republic.

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He reiterated that foreign political and economic pressures have failed to have any impact on Iran. 

Iran foreign policy chief mentioned that preserving the people’s right is a national security requirement for the government.

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"The Iranian people are the pillars of this government’s authority and preserving their rights is not only an ethical issue but also a national security requirement," Zarif added.

"What is John Bolton thinking when he says he will celebrate 2019 in Iran,"' Iranian Foreign Minister asked in a rhetorical question, referring to previous comments by the US President's National Security Advisor about the fall of the Iranian government. 

He also refuted claims that Iran only supports Shia nations, saying: “Before any other member states of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council, we condemned Iraq’s attack on Kuwait."

Iranian Foreign Minister continued: "We were awake all night accompanying the Turkish government when there was a foreign-backed coup going on there and when Qatar was blockaded by Saudi Arabia, we opened our sky to them despite our concerns about some of its government’s policies, while Kuwait, Turkey or Qatar are not Shia countries.” 208/ 211 /104

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