Feb 11, 2019 18:19 Asia/Tehran

The head of the Iranian parliament's research center, and Tehran MP, Kazem Jalali has said the Islamic Republic of Iran enjoys maximum security in a turbulent area of the world.

Iran Press/Iran news: Congratulating the 40th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Jalali thanked the Iranian people for their massive and broad participation in the 22 Bahman rallies.

In an exclusive interview with Iran Press on the sideline of 11 February (22 Bahman) rally, Kazem Jalali said: "If we go back to the past, for example the eight years of sacred defense, we couldn't manufacture even a barbed wire, we purchased bullets for our Kalashnikov machine guns (rifles). Today though the situation is very different.  Nowadays Islamic Republic of Iran can manufacture all sorts of military equipment and hardware, and we are ranked among the top producers of defense equipment and weaponry in the world."

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Tehran MP Kazem Jalali added: "This is perhaps why the enemy is afraid of us and they know that the Islamic Republic has the ability to manufacture advanced missiles, and all sorts of other weaponry as well. In the past, though, we imported  all the military equipment that we needed."

Jalali continued: "As far as security is concerned, I think the country which is most secure in this turbulent and chaotic region is the Islamic Republic of Iran, and this is a blessing which we owe to the  great sacrifices of the martyrs of the Revolution and sacred defense era, who sacrificed their lives to ascertain security of this country."

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