Jan 10, 2019 09:34 Asia/Tehran

Iran’s armed forces have launched an annual air defense drill to test their capabilities in defending the Islamic Republic’s airspace against a wide range of threats, using an array of advanced weapons systems.

Iran Press/Iran news: Dubbed the Defenders of Velayat Skies 2019, the two-day drills kicked off on Thursday in vast regions in the central province of Isfahan. 

According to the Iranian Army air force deputy commander Brigadier General Amir Vahedi, the 8th round of large-scale war games, will wrap up on Friday, Iran Press reported.

Brigadier General Vahedi added that various types of fighter aircrafts, predators as well as transport aircrafts will be flown in the drills.

The commander further added that the Shahid Bababaei Air base will play host to the aircrafts, which will include “a variety of predators, fighter bombers, heavy and semi-heavy transport aircrafts, refueling aircrafts, interceptor and reconnaissance aircrafts, as well as UAVs."

He further noted that in these exercises, the strategic bomber planes Sukhoi Su-24 and F-4, F5, F7, MiG-29, F-14, the Saehqeh (Thunderbolt), Boeing 707 and 747 refueling aircrafts, C130 transport and support aircrafts, as well as UAVs equipped with pinpoint missiles and long-range smart rockets, which have been transported to Shahid Bababaei Air base several days ago, will take part in the exercises.

With regard to recently-unveiled domestically-manufactured Kowsar fighter jet, Vahedi said that although it has been test-flown and its production lines have been launched, it will not be present in the drills.

The Army air force deputy commander added that the annual drills are held to boost air force’s capabilities in defending Iran's airspace against any possible aggression.

He went on to say the drills pose no threat to anyone and would send a message of security, stability, friendship and sustainable peace to the countries of the region. 101


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