Nov 13, 2018 16:53 Asia/Tehran
  • A meeting of the Supreme Social Council; Tehran, Iran.
    A meeting of the Supreme Social Council; Tehran, Iran.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has called for bolstering of the nation's hope for the future and further efforts to consolidate and strengthen confidence and security among the people to ward off concerns over social exclusion.

Iran News: Addressing the meeting of the Supreme Social Council, the president reiterated the importance of promoting hope for the future to tackle social issues, Iran Press News Agency reported.

Addressing the Council, President Rouhani said: "Undoubtedly if there is no hope for the future, anti-social behaviour and crimes will increase, therefore all, social media in particular must be trying to boost the nation's optimism, and hope for a better future," .

He added: "Although U.S.-led sanctions are creating economic and livelihood problems for the people today, and the burden is particularly heavy for those people whose salaries are fixed, but the government will assure the people, that it could resolve political, economic, and social problems through hope and prudence."

The president went on to say that people look more hopeful than they did before 5 of November.

Rouhani added: "Before 5 November, people anticipated certain events to have a dramatic impact on their lives, but 5 November passed and the people were relieved that nothing dramatic happened, and realized that the speculations and rumours were incorrect."

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Elsewhere in his remarks, President Rouhani complained that some media outlets and newspapers tend to exaggerate bitter facts sometimes. He said such exaggerations worry people, causing unnecessary dismay.

In earlier comments on November 10, President Rouhani said U.S. sanctions are targeting the Iranian people directly, and are meant to negatively impact their lives.

Addressing the nation following a meeting of the heads of three branches of government in Tehran on Saturday, the president said: "The Americans were hoping to create a crunch time for Iran the day after November 4, but the Iranian people did the opposite through demonstrating resilience and endurance."

On 5 November, U.S. President Donald Trump launched a second wave of sanctions against Iran in which a universal ban on the country’s oil exports was a primary objective. U.S. authorities have already said the sanctions are meant to reduce Iran’s oil exports to zero. 206/101

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