Sep 16, 2018 11:24 Asia/Tehran
  • Iran, Germany mull joint projects in science and technology

A specialist meeting on joint research and academic cooperation between Iranian and German research institutes and universities was held at Tehran University on Saturday.

Iran/ According to an Iran Press report, about 200 Iranian professors, researchers and academics took part in this meeting which was held at "Shahid Chamran" lecture theatre of Tehran university. Professors and researchers from Sharif university of technology, Amir Kabir university of technology, Tehran university, Medical Science university of Tehran, Medical Science university of  Iran, and the university of science and industry of Iran attended this meeting. 

Senior officials from Iran's ministry of science, research, and technology,  and from the national science foundation made keynote speeches at the meeting, talking about aspects of collaborative research projects.  Also three Iranian professors who had personal experience of carrying out research projects in Germany, or  carrying out joint research projects with German researchers  delivered speeches at the meeting.

Top officials from the German ministry of education and research, the German national research institute, researches from the German aerospace centre, Volks Wagon foundation, and the The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation took part in the Tehran meeting.

Many German hi-tech firms are actively doing business in Iran, despite the threat of US sanctions. One such firm is Durion GmbH , which has set up several solar energy power plants in the southeastern Iranian province of Kerman. 

On 12 August 2018, we spoke to Uwe Jorg Kuhnle, the managing director of German firm, Durion GmbH, about use of photovoltaic cell technology to produce electricity.


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