Sep 11, 2018 10:23 Asia/Tehran

Referring to the IRGC missile attack at the headquarters of terrorists in northern Iraq, Major general Mohammad Bagheri said that "If the enemies continue to plot and scheme against the Islamic Republic, Iran's armed forces will not remain silent."

Iran Press/Iran: Major general Mohammad Bagheri, joint chief of staff of Islamic Republic of Iran's armed Forces, speaking at a graduation ceremony of Police officers  in Tehran on Tuesday said that missile attack at the headquarters of terrorists in northern Iraq was not a small event.

Major General Bagheri stressed that showing Iran's missile power was just a small part of this great event, while the larger part was display of Iran's intelligence-gathering capabilities, the design and coordination between different branches of the armed forces, the power of command and communication, and ultimately the power, precision, and capability of our missiles that made such a major incident.

Chief of Staff for Iran Armed Forces declared that "if such conspiracies continue, the forces of the Islamic Republic's army will not remain silent."

Major General Bagheri remarked: "We wait, notify, give messages and reminders, but if the conspiracy continues, it is nothing but a collision, because according to the United Nations Charter, every country has a natural right to self-defense against the enemy."

Bagheri added: "We shall not wait for insecurity to enter our homes, to enter our factories, our cities, or our manufacturing and development centers. We have active armed forces and we shall deal with the roots of the plots we face".

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The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) announced in an statement that the seven missiles have been fired to the base of the terrorists on Saturday following a missile attack on the position and a gathering of one of the terrorist groups.

Based on credible and documented reports of the operation, the terrorist hotspot for the conspiracy against Iran's national security was destroyed and tens of ringleaders and key members of the terror group's operations were killed and wounded.

The IRGC statement said that over the past month, foreign-backed terrorist groups have dispatched terrorist cells to Iranian territories with the aim of conducting acts of terror and sabotage and undermining the security of the country.

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