Sep 10, 2018 09:48 Asia/Tehran

The Second League of Iran Stock Market Stars was held in Tehran.

Iran press/Iran:  The ceremony for the introduction of top teams in the League of Iran Stock Market Stars was held with the participation of the member of the Supreme exchange Council and the head of securities and exchange organization.

In this tournament, Tehran University team was introduced as the first team and the Kharazmi team and East Tehran team ranked second and third respectively.

According to the secretariat of the league, the first team, in addition to the profit earned by its operations in the market, received 25 million USD for the purchase of shares.

Al-Zahra University team was selected as the most moral team in the ceremony, and the team of Sistan and Baluchestan University and Chamran University of Ahvaz ranked second and third respectively.

Shapur Mohammadi, Chairman of the securities and exchange organizatione, said In this event, we tried to focus on investing on the principles of science and observance of ethical standards in order to gain a better market experience in the field of capital, while many participants in this contest had a very good learning and some kind of culture For transactions in the capital market.

He added,The main objective of holding the Star League of Stock Exchange was to build culture for ethical transactions and invest in the capital market, as the day-to-day presence of companies in this market is increasing and deepening.

Vice president of science and technology, Alireza Deliri also said ,The capital market community of the country has come to the conclusion that we must move on the basis of the basic knowledge activities and dominate the single look.

He added, We hope to be able to formulate technological activities and raise revenue in this direction.

Managing Director of Information and Exchange Services,Yaser Fallah,said,The Securities and Exchange Organization, in its turn, has the opportunity to step up its efforts to introduce the various strata of investment and stock markets..

He also said,The Star League of Stock Exchange wants to make this gap a bit smaller and open the doors to the universities, so that in the next few years, executives in the economic sectors may come to power.

Fallah added,The listed companies are an example of the conditions of the country's economy. If people are wise and knowledgeable and not excited, they will choose the stock for investment, and we hope to make a big step towards the growth of the economy.

He also said,A continuing and long-lasting move to increase financial literacy and the growth of investment culture in the country is necessary, a move that starts with the economy of the home, consumer economics, family finance, and household finance management.