Sep 08, 2018 19:07 Asia/Tehran

International Maritime Organization (IMO) Secretary General Kitack Lim said that Iran's cooperation with the organization is great.

Iran press/Iran"We have been enjoying a lot of cooperation and collaboration with government of Iran and also contributing a lot to International Maritime Organization (IMO) work", IMO Secretary General Kitack Lim said in an interview on Saturday.

"So we have technical cooperation program which we can use in term of cooperation with Iran. We can use technical cooperation in communicating and collaborating with Iran and at the same time we are looking for more participation and contribution from Iranian government in technical term", IMO Secretary General noted. 

We are looking for more collaboration not only from Iran but also form the region and from other developing countries as well, Lim noted.

"There has been a lot of improvement and development in the situation (piracy) with the collaboration with different member states and stakeholders. Particularly Iranian government has been helping a lot in dispatching neighboring ships, communicating with shipping companies and providing guidance so we are very much appreciating efforts and support of Iranian government in tackling the piracy issue as well in this region", IMO Secretary General stated.

"I had a very good time even it was a short visit, I found a lot of maritime culture and heritage in Iran and a lot of effort from the country's government. Also I see a great deal of solidarity among Iranian people for future developments", IMO Secretary General concluded.