Aug 16, 2018 08:49 Asia/Tehran

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in a meeting with family of three martyrs commended Iranian warriors' courage for thwarting Saddam Hussein's evil plan to destroy Iran.

Iran Press/Iran: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in the meeting with mother and family members of three martyrs of the Holy Defence era, Mahmoud, Ahmad and Alireza Gorgpoor on Wednesday, said: “If Saddam Hussein and his soldiers found the opportunity and if it were not for self-sacrifice of the warriors of Islam and children of this land, they would destroy the entire Iran like what they did to Khorramshahr”.

Rouhani also said: “Iraq had mobilised all its power and facilities to attack Khorramshahr, but they were not able to enter that city easily because the children and young people of the area defended the city with such a bravery”.

“It did not take long until the warriors of Islam liberated Khooramshahr with their devotion and self-sacrifice,” Iranian Presiden continued.

Rouhani added: “Veterans and their great families have done a great deal for dignity, the Revolution and Islam, and if it were not for their devotion, enemies would have destroyed our country like what happened to Syria and Iraq”.

Iranian Presiden also appreciated the family of the martyrs and said: “Without a doubt, the Iranian nation are proud of the devotion of the great families of martyrs”.

In 1980, Iraq’s Saddam Hussein launched an imposed war against Iran.

Saddam was fully supported financially and militarily by the West.

During the imposed war, Saddam used chemical weapons against Iranian soldiers and civilians and the West did not prevent it.

The west armed Saddam Hussein with sophisticated weapons, while preventing Iran from getting access to the  defensive weapons.

The British Foreign Office has admitted to the chemical attacks which were staged by the former Iraqi Ba'th minority regime against Iran, while terming these chemical attacks as a tragedy.

Meanwhile, the documents released throughout the waning years of the Iraqi imposed war on Iran, and thereafter, prove that nearly 207 European companies, including Dutch, German, and French corporations sold weapons of mass destruction to former Iraqi Ba'th minority regime.

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