Jul 12, 2018 17:08 Asia/Tehran

A senior adviser on foreign policy to the Leader of the Islamic revolution, and president Rouhani's special envoy to Moscow, Ali Akbar Velayati, has stressed that Tehran-Moscow relations are stronger than ever before, and relations are certain to be expanded in the future.

Talking to reporters and journalists after his meeting with Russian president, Vladimir Putin, on Thursday, Ali Akbar Velayati said he personally handed over a message from the Leader of the Islamic revolution, and a message from president Rouhani to Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Commenting further on his meeting with Putin , Velayati said the meeting was very cordial and  constructive, it lasted for about two hours, and all issues of mutual interest were discussed by Iranian and Russian officials.

Iran-Russia oil and gas trade to reach 50 Billion dollars.

Velayati said:  "In my discussion with president Putin , we both agreed that in the oil and gas sector, business, trade and commerce should increase substantially, reaching the 50 Billion dollar mark.

Velayati added:  "The Russians indicated that they were interested in investing billions of dollars in Iran's oil industry,  and should this be realized, it can go some way towards compensating for the withdrawal of (Western ) oil companies from Iran.

Vladimir Putin satisfied with growing relations between Tehran and Moscow

Elsewhere in his remarks, the senior adviser to the Leader of the Islamic revolution indicated that the Russian president is satisfied with growing economic and business ties between Tehran and Moscow. Velayati referred to various remarks by president Putin and said:  "In the first four months of this year, the volume of commercial trade between Tehran and Moscow has increased by 36 percent !!"

Velayati conveys Leader's message to Putin


In further comment, Velayati said:  "Many cooperation agreements have been signed by Iran and Russia in a series of meetings between president Rouhani and president Putin , and president Putin is glad that many of these cooperation agreements have become operational and are being implemented".

Velayati added:  "There were also discussions between the two sides on a range of issues, including peaceful nuclear energy, transportation and railway lines, the rail link between Iranian port of Chabahar and Saint Petersburg in Russia, and oil and gas trade".