Jul 12, 2018 14:59 Asia/Tehran

The head of the Iran-Ukraine parliamentary friendship group, and member of the Iranian parliament , Salman Khodadadi has emphasised that Europe must prove its commitment to the nuclear deal (JCPOA ) by honouring its obligations under the deal.

According to an Iran Press report, Khodadadi,  heading a group of Iranian parliamentarians is currently visiting Kiev, Ukraine's capital, where he has already met with Sergei Kaplin, the head of the social committee of the Ukrainian parliament , and "Tarasouk", the deputy head of the foreign relations committee of the Ukrainian parliament.

In his meetings with Ukrainian officials , Khodadadi has discussed a range of political, economic and social issues, and issues of mutual interest. For instance, in his meeting with  Tarasouk, Khodadadi referred to the growing economic and business ties between Tehran and Kiev , and said the stage is set to further  expansion and development of political, economic and commercial ties between the two countries.

 The head of the Iran-Ukraine parliamentary friendship group, Salman Khodadadi  went on to stress the importance of parliamentary ties , and its role in expansion of bilateral cooperation , which would be to the benefit of both nations.

In further remarks, Iranian MP , Khodadadi said: "We mustn't allow the hostility and bad behaviour of certain world powers to affect the good and friendly relations between Tehran and Kiev."

Turning to the nuclear deal between Iran and the world powers (known as the JCPOA ), Khodadadi referred to America's unilateral, unjustified and unlawful  withdrawal from the  nuclear accord (JCPOA ) , and the dishonouring of its commitments under the accord. Khodadadi said:  "Clearly the United States is unreliable and not trustworthy. It abrogated the treaty for no good reason.  It reneged on its obligations and commitments, and the world knows that United States cannot be trusted".

Another member of the Iranian parliamentary delegation, Mrs. Aghapour Alishahi, a member of the economic commission of the Majlis, and a member of the Iran-Ukraine parliamentary friendship group, put a number of questions to  the head of the social committee of the Ukrainian parliament, Sergei Kaplin. The questions on social security legislation affecting women and housewives, insurance for housewives , legislation on marriage, and citizens rights particularly for those who are physically handicapped and disabled were answered by the Ukrainian parliamentarian , Kaplin.

Another member of the Iranian parliamentary delegation, Mr. Bashir Khaleghi , briefed the Ukrainian parliamentarians on healthcare legislation in Iran, insurance for the family of those who have been martyred, and legislation for those who have been permanently disabled as a result of war. His briefing was well-received by the Ukrainian delegation.