Jul 04, 2018 12:03 Asia/Tehran

Saeed Jalili in interview with Iran press said that the us present administration does not really believe in Human rights.

"Today we believe  that US administration  do not really believe     in  Human rights .Fortunately   at the status quo  the  people  all across the world agree that   US administration  behavior specially  the current  president indicate that they don not  really care for human rights including that of children ,a nation .Hence it would be obvious when  it is reveled that UُS is breaching Human rights one would  soon realize that he  can observe   any form of disconformity in this regard ." said Saeed Jalili the  former   secretary of the Supreme National Security Council  in an exclusive interview with Iran press news agency .


Jalili's comments came on  the sidelines of the  student  based program called "Tiresome is forbidden"held on July 3,2018  in Tehran .