May 13, 2018 14:52 Asia/Tehran

Elahe Kahtami, who is a famous Iranian calligrapher stressed the necessity of representing Iranian art all across the universe through introducing true Iranian caliigraphy ( Nastaliq)

Elahe Kahtami, who is  the Contemporary Iranian  Calligrapher  and of the  key professionals enjoying the membership of Iran Persian calligraphers' society   in an interview with Iran press correspondent talked about her own teaching experience to the future female  calligraphers  for some 32 years:

"For some 32years I have been teaching Nastaʿlīq calligraphy through which Iranian calligraphy  is identified  mostly to the ladies who wanted to be come future calligraphers  "khatami said.  

She went on to congratulate the organizers  of formally national registration of Mir Emad's  Nastaliq calligraphy .

Khatami described Mir Emad as one of the few distinguished  masters who tried to teach calligraphy to that her own daughter has  always been  considered as the First Persian female  calligrapher ever who has been teaching calligrapher. Hence she has become role model  for all of the female calligraphers in Iran through  out the history . For she has been teaching calligraphy to men and women as well.


Finally she expressed hope Iran could represent Iranian art to the whole world through introducing  Mir Emad's unique art works.