Apr 06, 2018 07:10 Asia/Tehran

The foreign minister of Russia denounced the unilateralism of the United States.

Speaking in Moscow after talks with his Chinese  counterpart, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov when asked about Russia's view of the U.S.-Chinese trade conflict, said the U.S. action reflects the Trump administration's unilateralist approach to international concerns.

He cited as examples the U.S. push to renegotiate a nuclear deal with Iran and the terms of an international climate agreement.

"It has nothing to do with diplomacy. It's an attempt to enforce its own interests while completely ignoring the interests of others," Lavrov said.

"We in Russia stand for direct dialogue to solve any outstanding issues," Lavrov said. "We never dodge negotiations. It's our American partners who do."

He pointed to the last-minute cancellation of a meeting of Russian and American cyber security experts and Washington's refusal to hold a meeting on cultural issues.

"Unilateralism is always bad and particularly so when it becomes the main foreign policy tool," Lavrov said.