Oct 10, 2019 14:27 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Oct 16, 2019 21:44 Asia/Tehran]

Khosrowi (IP) - After reopening of the Khosravi border, the Arbaeen pilgrims more easily will travel to Karbala.

Iran Press/Iran news: More than twenty-five thousand Arbaeen pilgrims have entered Iraq through the border crossing over the past few days. In this regard, the Khosravi border plays an important role in the pilgrim's transportation. 

 The Khosravi border is particularly important because of its proximity to Karbala, and the crowd number of pilgrims travel through this border to take part in the Arbaeen Trek.

According to officials in Kermanshah province, Khosravi border with 56 entrance and exit gates, ample parking and 160 Mukeb is ready to accommodate Arba'een Trek pilgrims.

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