Oct 08, 2019 07:56 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Oct 08, 2019 14:36 Asia/Tehran]
  • Iran FM condemns the US intervention in the internal affairs of China
    Iran FM condemns the US intervention in the internal affairs of China

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman slammed a resolution adopted by the US Congress on Hong Kong, calling the move as interference in the internal affairs of other countries.

Iran press/Iran news: Seyyed Abbas Mousavi in reaction to a resolution that the US Congress has passed on Hong Kong, said: “This was not the first move by the US’ regime and its Congress in such cases. The Islamic Republic of Iran deems such measures as a clear example of interference in the internal affairs of other countries and condemns it.”

He added: The international law strongly prohibits meddling in the internal affairs of countries. Sadly, the repetition of such conduct by the US regime has turned into an instrument for destabilizing other countries, Iran Press reported.

The right to protest is a right of citizens that could be exercised without any foreign meddling and within the framework of law and public order, the spokesperson noted. This is the second time that the Iranian Foreign Ministry condemns the US intervention in the internal affairs of China as the protests in Hong Kong continue.

In a statement on Friday July 13, the FM spokesman expressed the Islamic Republic of Iran’s full support for One-China Principle and condemned the 'nonconstructive intervention' of the United States and Britain in China’s internal affairs and their ‘provocative actions’ in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The United States Congress legislation requires an annual review of its trade and business policy towards Hong Kong, angering the Chinese government and giving a boost to the city's pro-democracy movement. Members of the US House of Representatives' committee on foreign affairs unanimously approved the Hong Kong Human Rights Acts on Wednesday, and its Senate version cleared the committee level shortly after.

A separate bill, known as PROTECT Hong Kong Act, which seeks to ban sales of riot-control equipment to Hong Kong law enforcers, is also pending in the US Congress. In a statement published online on Thursday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang denounced the news as "gross interference" of China's internal affairs. He said if approved, the law will "embolden the radical and violent forces" in Hong Kong.

Several Hong Kong activists, including Joshua Wong, have been lobbying for the passage of the legislation, appearing before committee hearings in Washington, DC. Hong Kong, an autonomous Chinese city and former British colony, has been rocked by protests for months, following the city's decision to introduce an extradition bill, which would have allowed its citizens to be prosecuted in mainland China.

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam was eventually forced to withdraw the bill, but protests continued with demonstrators denouncing what they said was Beijing's interference in Hong Kong affairs.


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