Apr 06, 2019 16:55 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Sep 18, 2019 15:34 Asia/Tehran]

Speaking at the meeting of high-ranking delegations of Iran and Iraq on Saturday, President Hassan Rouhani expressed hope that Tehran-Baghdad trade relations will further develop.

Iran Press/Iran news: He added, “One of the most important topics that we talked about today was accelerating the implementation of all agreements made during my recent visit to Iraq”.

He also referred to the agreement between the two countries to issue charge-free visas, saying: “With free visas, we hope that relations between the two nations will grow further”, Iran Press reported.

Referring to issuing of free visas, President Rouhani added: “This can be effective for development of relations and cooperation, especially in scientific, economic, and health fields”.

“Development of banking relations, and cooperation of central banks of Iran and Iraq are very important for deepening financial and economic cooperation between the two countries,” said Rouhani.

On power and energy cooperation, as well as linking the railways of the two countries, he said: “We need to plan and work towards preferential tariffs and free trade between Iran and Iraq.”

The Islamic Republic of Iran supports development of trade relations and cooperation with Iraq, said Rouhani, adding: “Establishment of joint industrial parks and inviting investors to cooperate will be beneficial for trade relations.”

In further remarks, Rouhani said: "We are ready to share our expertise and provide technical and engineering services in the field of housing, construction of electricity-generating power plants, dams and modern irrigation systems in Iraq."


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