Oct 10, 2019 19:41 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Oct 12, 2019 21:42 Asia/Tehran]
  • former Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell and EU new foreign policy chief
    former Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell and EU new foreign policy chief

Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman expressed hope that the EU's new Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell would be able to meet the challenge of extremist unilateralism and US bullying.

Iran Press/Europe: Referring to the outgoing EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini's constructive efforts during his tenure and her balanced and positive views on international relations, serious and effective multilateralism and diplomacy, and in particular her role in the negotiations leading to the Iranian nuclear deal 2015, Sayed Abbas Mousavi on Thursday evening said, "Given Borrell's views on his previous responsibilities, and in conditions where extreme unilateralism and US bullying and some of the regional actors have posed the greatest difficulties for diplomacy and respectful relations between countries, we hope Mr. Borrell can for his part, succeed in addressing these challenges."

Seyyed Abbas Mousavi emphasized that the Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes cooperation and interaction with goodwill and mutual respect with Mr. Burrell and his colleagues in the European Union.

The European Parliament on Wednesday formally appointed former Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell as the EU's new foreign policy chief.

He is set to replace Federica Mogherini from November 2019.


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