Jan 12, 2019 07:52 Asia/Tehran

An Iranian chess player has won the Baku International Chess championships.

Iran Press/Asia: Iranian chess master, Arash Tahbaz acquired seven points from nine games, and this was sufficient for him to clinch top prize and win outright the Baku International Chess championships.

Iranian chess masters Arash Tahbaz, Ariya Omidi and Mohammad Sadeq Marzouqi represented Iran in the Baku International Chess tournament, with Tahbaz winning the championships, according to an Iran Press report.

In Group A, Tahbaz had five wins and four draws gaining seven points to stand first in the competition. Azeri and Ukrainian players came 2nd and 3rd respectively, each gaining five points in this group.

The last game of the tournament between Ariya Omidi and an Azeri player ended in a draw but Omidi stood second in the total rankings.

Baku International Chess Championships attended by 200 chess players from Republic of Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Iran, Russia and Georgia was held in three categories from 5 to 11 January 2019.   101/ 211 /202


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