Sep 12, 2018 20:30 Asia/Tehran
  • Philippine President:  Someone is plotting to kill him

President Rodrigo Duterte sharply criticized the military Tuesday and claimed he had evidence of an assassination plot against him.

Iran Press/ Asia: Duterte, in an interview on state television, said he had evidence in a recording provided by an unnamed foreign country that a group of opposition politicians, Maoist group and former military personnel planned to oust or kill him.

He added,“Someone said that’s their plan now. If they can’t achieve their goalthroughexplosions, they will assassinate,”WallStreeJournal reported.

Duterte, 73 years old, is well known for expletive-laden speeches in which he lashes out at critics, but Tuesday’s comments went beyond his usual bravado.

Speaking with his top legal adviser, he defended his actions and questioned an amnesty granted in 2011 by then-President Benigno Aquino III to Mr. Trillanes over his role in a failed coup. He linked Mr. Trillanes’s political group to the alleged coup plot, and he said he would seek the declassification of intelligence about the alleged plan.

Dozens of soldiers and police attempted to detain him last week but were denied entry to the Senate building by the body’s president. Mr. Trillanes has since been living in his Senate office, eating takeout and sleeping on a sofa. A few dozen protesters have mounted a vigil outside and say they will call on more to confront police if a sudden arrest attempt is made.

In its decision, the Supreme Court said Mr. Trillanes’s request for an injunction and restraining order seeking to temporarily nullify the order to arrest him were unnecessary because the government and military have since said they would follow due process and wait for a judicial warrant.

The two trial courts initially heard rebellion and coup charges against Mr. Trillanes in 2003 and 2007. Mr. Trillanes had pleaded guilty at the time as part of his amnesty agreement.