Jul 14, 2018 08:00 Asia/Tehran

Chinese Commerce Ministry briefed the World Trade Organization on the country's economic performance and trade policies as part of the WTO's trade policy review mechanism.

The top four trading entities of the WTO go through the WTO's trade policy review mechanism, also called TPRM, every two years and this year it’s China’s turn for the review.

In the first session, the review began with Chinese Deputy Commerce Minister Wang Shouwen's keynote speech, briefing on China's economic performance and trade policy. After the speech, members raised questions based on two reports drawn up by the Chinese government and the WTO Secretariat.

China will continue to support and safeguard the multilateral trading system, joining hands with other members, Wang Shouwen, Chinese Vice Minister of Commerce, said at the review meeting.

Officials from the WTO said there is no doubt that China has been a staunch defender of a multilateral trading system and China also carries out free trade policy as its basic economic policy in building an open world economy.

China’s accession to the WTO has been decisive, Didier Chambovey, Switzerland Ambassador to WTO said, noting the members are expecting China to play a leading role to advance the organization.

China will answer more than 1,600 questions on Friday after a day of preparation and will respond to the rest of the 300 questions within a month. The question procedure will be carried out on a voluntary basis, but China insists on answering all the questions in time.