May 16, 2019 08:06 Asia/Tehran
  • Trump again dreamed;

US President Donald Trump in a statement on Wednesday said he is confident Iran will soon come to the negotiating table to discuss its nuclear program.

Iran Press/America: Trump said in his new series of Twitter posts that he is sure that Iran "will want to talk soon," commenting on his decision making on Washington's policy in the Middle East.

​"I'm sure that Iran will want to talk soon," Trump said via Twitter, while denying reports that his administration is divided on matters of Middle East policy.

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Previously, a report by The New York Times reported that acting Defence Secretary Patrick Shanahan last Thursday presented a plan to deploy 120,000 US troops to the Middle East if Iran starts to develop nuclear weapons, suggesting that Bolton was behind the creation of the plan. Trump denied the plan's existence on 14 May, but didn't rule it out completely, noting that the numbers would be higher if such an approach were adopted.

Exit of JCPOA, restoration of previous sanctions and attachment of another list of them, including sanctioning the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps, lifting oil and nuclear exemptions, charging and sending Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf to intensify tension in the region, are among measure the United States has taken. 

In addition, the US media are helping the US government by releasing news on secret meetings in Washington and the CIA office in Langley, Virginia, arouse a sense of ambiguity and even concern about the next step of Trump.

On the one hand, the Wall Street Journal wrote, senior officials from the US government's security team met to discuss what it called the security threats of Iran and North Korea, and on the other hand, the NBC News reported that The US National Security Adviser John Bolton, met with intelligence, diplomatic, and military senior advisers on Iran last week in an unusual move at the headquarters of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). 

Even Trump at his press conference on referring to the deployment of Abraham Lincoln's strike group to the Middle East tried to make it sufficient that the United States had received 'very threatening information'. 'In my opinion, this can always be said,' he said, answering the question of whether there is a risk of military confrontation with the US forces in the region. “I do not want to say no. But I hope this does not happen.' 213

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