May 15, 2019 16:06 Asia/Tehran
  • Iran is at the highest level of readiness: Defense Minister

Iran's defense minister said Islamic establishment is at the highest level of defensive-military readiness and capable of confronting any threat.

Iran Press/Iran newsBrigadier General Amir Hatami addressing a meeting of Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) Division of 'Mohammad Rasulullah' (PBUH) war veterans' reiterated that the US-Zionist front will experience the bitter taste of defeat by Iranian Armed Forces.

"Highest level of Iranian Armed Forces readiness and most up to date defensive weaponry capabilities of Iranian military was obtained in a condition that Iran was under most intense multi-level sanctions in past 40 years", Iran defense minister said according to Iran Press.

Iran's defense minister noted that US and its allies in the region have admitted Iran's military might and said: "Iran in the past year has tripled its rate of progress in military and defense industry compared to the previous year. Our defense capabilities are formidable."

General Hatami said the ill-fated US scenario to invade Iran is rooted in the failure of Takfiiri terrorist groups supported by US and its allies especially in Iraq and Syria and consequence of these defeats for Great Satan's credit in the world is the real reason behind military show-off in the Persian Gulf.

Iranian defense minister emphasized that Iranian armed forces in hardware and spirit are in a non-comparable situation to the eight-years of Iran-Iraq war and said: "With the vigilance, insight and wisdom of great Iranian nation we will overcome economic pressures and imposed US sanctions."

General Hatami put emphasis on the fact that Iran's vital need for overcoming US and our enemies' plot and avarice of global arrogance system is Iranian nation's spirit of resistance, self-sacrifice and patience like eight-years of sacred defense period and said: "Iran today is facing a fully-fledged war on all sides."

"The difference of current situation with era of US-backed invasion of the former Iraqi regime is that today the enemy is trying to create an atmosphere of fear and panic in the region and inside our country to target Iranian nation's spirit of resistance," General Hatami Said.

He recalled US attempts in the past 40 years to damage the Iranian nation, pointedly adding the claim of US President Donald Trump for supporting Iranian people against their establishment is an absolute lie, a ruse, a sedition and a conspiracy.

General Hatami said today the great Iranian nation is known as a peaceful, independent nation and supporter of oppressed peoples around the world. The US, however, is infamous for its aggressive nature, violations of international law, and being untrustworthy. 101/211/205

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