Despite the US pro-Israeli strikes on Yemen, the Yemeni Army targeted a vessel associated with the Israeli regime on Monday evening.

Iran Press/ West Asia: According to a military source from the Yemeni army, the Yemeni armed forces hit a vessel going to the ports in the Israeli-occupied territories of Palestine. 

The source announced that the ship was targeted after ignoring the warnings of the Yemeni army.

A little earlier, the UK Maritime Operations (UKMTO) reported an accident in 95 miles from Aden Gulf, south of Yemen.

The Head of the Negotiation Board of the Yemeni Salvation Government Muhammad Abdul Slam told Reuters that the attacks on the Israeli ships crossing the Red Sea would continue as long as the Israeli regime continued the massacre of the people in Gaza. 

Yemen's position regarding the events in Palestine and the invasion of Gaza has not changed and will not change either after the US attack or after the threats.

Since its failure against the Palestinian Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, the Israeli regime launched a genocide in Gaza to compensate for the defeat; so far, more than 24,000 people including 12,000 children.   


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