Yazd(IP): Iran's Handicrafts Exhibition has been displayed in Yazd World City.

Iran PressIran news: Handicrafts are one of the income-generating industrial and artistic branches that have seen significant progress in the field of production and sales in recent years. An industry that, with the special support of the officials of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism, has been able to draw people's attention to the beautiful and authentic Iranian arts.

Handicrafts exhibition has been held in the historical city of Yazd with the participation of different provinces of Iran and in addition to handicrafts, nomadic black tents have been displayed and Iranian music are also performed.

In these cold winter days, passing through the black tents of nomads, getting to know the world of fresh water and the authentic color of Iran's handicrafts along with folk music creates a double pleasure in a person; The pleasure that has been shown through the camera lens of Iranpress.Iran's Handicrafts Exhibition will host people and artists in the historical and global city of Yazd until the 17th of February.


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