IP- Iran's foreign ministry spokesman wrote in a tweet that the normalization of the relationship of the Zionist regime with some Arab governments has never removed the hatred of the Arab nations towards the regime.

Iran PressIran news: "The 2022 World Cup in Qatar has turned into a place of opinion's disgust with the Zionist apartheid regime and the declaration of the solidarity of the nations with the Palestinian cause," Nasser Kanaani noted. "The occupying regime of Israel is hated by the nations," the tweet reads.

With the start of the World Cup, the Israelis wanted to take advantage of the great sports event. By sending the reporters to Doha and among the football fans, they tried to test the public opinion of Muslim and Arab countries about the Zionist regime.

In talking with the citizens of Arab countries, they realized that the hatred of the Zionist regime is very high.

Israeli media faced a boycott and extreme embarrassment in Qatar by Muslim World Cup fans from all over the world who refused to interact with them to show solidarity with Palestine.

Israeli journalists and fans are being boycotted and yelled at by fans, locals, and officials at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

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Multiple Israelis have reported an atmosphere of hostility and hatred at the World Cup in Qatar, with fans refusing to speak to Israeli journalists, waving Palestinian flags in the background of their videos, and yelling at them.

Moav Vardy, KAN's foreign affairs reporter, was yelled at by a Saudi fan, who told him that "You are not welcome here, this is Qatar, this is our country, there is only Palestine, no Israel."

A Saudi football fan refuses to talk to an Israeli reporter during the world cup, adding, "You are not welcome here."

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The World Cup 2022 has produced some iconic scenes of support for Palestine and rejection of Israel, MintPress tweeted.

Hatred of Israelis reached the point where the reporter denied he was from Israel.


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