The Director of the UN World Food Program expressed concern about what is going on in Gaza and said that the international relief body could no longer offer aid to the Strip through the US floating dock.

Iran Press/ West Asia: Sandy McCain told CBS network, announced on Sunday that the organization has stopped its humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip through the American floating dock. 

She said that two of the WFP warehouses were rocketed yesterday.

“We’ve stepped back for the moment,” she said, and want on “to make sure that we’re on safe terms and on safe ground before we’ll restart. But the rest of the country is operational. We’re doing ... everything we can in the north and the south.”

McCain stressed the re-establishment of a ceasefire in the Israeli war on Gaza so that the WFP could continue sending aid to the strip. 

Just since October 7 and the Israeli regime's all-out war on Gaza, more than 36,650 Palestinians have been killed and over 83,300 others have been wounded, during the regime's occupation of Palestine for more than 75 years.


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