Tehran (IP) - The Deputy Speaker of the Iranian Parliament said: "The West is seeking to boycott the axis of the resistance, they are even afraid of the names of the martyrs of resistance."

Iran PressIran news: "The commemoration ceremony of Resistance Media Martyrs, with the presence of more than 200 people from the families of media martyrs and media officials was held on Tuesday night in Tehran.

Ali Nikzad, the Deputy Speaker of the Iranian Parliament this ceremony added: The western media tried to destroy the cause of Palestine, but it was defeated by the leadership of Ayatollah Khamenei.

Nikzad emphasized: "All-round defense of Al-Quds is a duty and Iran supports and will continue to support Palestine's cause."

He added: "If the Westerners are true to their slogan of democracy, they should hold elections in Palestine so that the Palestinians can choose their own destiny."

Nikzad said: "If the West claims freedom of expression and freedom of the media, why don't they allow Iran’s leader's words to be broadcast in their media?"

In another part of his speech, referring to the Western media war, he stated: "The Iranian and Iraqi brothers won the war against ISIS, but after that, the enemy tried to create differences in the country with the media war and false narratives."

Following the ceremony, the families of the media martyrs of Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, and Afghanistan were honored.


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