Gilan (IP) - The West, led by the US, is seeking to hinder the progress of the Iranian nation and other nations of the region through a phycological-cognitive war.

Iran PressIran News: The Deputy Commander of IRGC's Media Headquarters Brigadier General Abdollah Zeighami made the remarks on Thursday at the ceremony commemorating the nationwide pro-establishment rallies of 2009 on the ninth of the month of Dey which falls on December 30.

Noting that the enemies have been disappointed about the military option against Iran, General Zeighami told the people that they are seeking other strategies to harm Iran, including the exertion of maximum economic and psychological pressure on the Iranian nation.  

He said that the US warns the Israeli regime not to carry out any military operation against Iran because the end of which will not be determined by the regime. 

"The enemy is seeking to create existential threats in put the people against the Islamic republic and insulate them the they are reached a deadlock," the media operation commander illustrated. 

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General Zeighami referred to the 2009 seditionist-separationist unrest in Iran instigated by some internal agents of the enemy and said the leaders of the unrest bought the intelligence information of the country to their master, which led to the shifting of the sanction on the Iranian nuclear industry to sanctions on the economy and the people's livelihood. 

He pointed to the strategic destabilization of the region, including Iraq, as another way of the psychological war against the region's people. 

They put strategic destabilization in the region on their agenda so that a popular government does not take form in Iraq, the official added.

He said the US hired more than 5,000 NGOs to prevent the formation of the government so that the West could loot Iraq's resources, but the plot faced the vigilance of the Iraqi Ulammas, people, and authorities.

Yet the Iranian commander told the people that the US is witnessing its decline:

"One the one hand the US is coping with the China's challenge that has targeted the American economic domination and with the Russia's challenge that has targeted the unity of Europe; and on the other hand, it is facing Iran's Islamic model of governance that has challenged the American liberal-democracy." 


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