US (IP) - The Iranian Vice President for Women and Family Affairs says that measures have been taken to restore the Iranian membership in the Commission on Status of Women (CWS).

Iran Press/Iran News:  The instigation of unrest in Iran under the pretext of the death of a 22-year-old woman named Mahsa Amini in 2022 paved the way for the enemies to launch a smear campaign against the Islamic Republic, which led to the cancelation of Iran's 4-year membership in CSW in 2023.

Ensiyeh Khazali arrived in New York's John F. Kenedy to on Sunday take part in the 68th annual meeting of the UN Commission on Status of Women canceled in 2023. 

Upon her arrival at the UN headquarters, Khazali told reporters that she hopes for a consensus among the state members to expel the Israeli regime from the CWS, due to the Israeli regime's crimes against Gaza. 

The Iranian VP is scheduled to participate in the CSW meeting on Monday to present three lectures at general, ministerial, and interactive levels, along with presenting reports about the status of Iranian women and the improvement of family status in the country.

Reporting the challenges the women face at the international level, especially the statues of the people in Gaza amid the Israeli regime's genocide and war on the people of the Palestinian city, was another part of the Iranian VP in the UN. 

On her 6-day trip, Khazali is scheduled to have meetings with her counterparts from different countries on the sidelines of the event. 


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