Tehran (IP) - The security of the region is the unified and shared capital of all the countries in the region, and Iran's support to the Syrian nation to fight terrorism will continue with determination until terrorism is eradicated from the region.

Iran Press/ West Asia: The signing ceremony of the memorandum of understanding between Iran and Syria was held early on Saturday with the presence of the first vice president Mohammad Mokhber, and Syrian Prime Minister Hussein Arnous.

In the press conference after the signing of these memorandums, Mohammad Mokhber said: The implementation of the 16 documents have been signed during the Iranian president's visit to Syria and the agreements made today will lead to the strengthening and development of bilateral cooperation.

Arnous also said: The meeting we had today was one of the most successful ones because there was honesty, openness, and mutual understanding in it.

The Syrian Prime Minister added: "The suffering and pain of the Palestinian people and the cruel and terrible war that the Western countries have launched in Gaza are done with a series of fake goals and human rights violations."

He added that Iran and Syria would not allow the U.S. and the Zionist regime to achieve their goals and would be forced to accept the conditions of the Palestinian people.

He listed two goals for his trip to Iran and added: My trip to Iran was for two goals.

First, we should follow up on the agreements made during the Iranian president's visit to Damascus, and secondly, we should hold the 15th meeting of the joint economic committee between the two countries, the last of which was held in 2015.

Arnous appreciated Iran's economic support to Syria, including sending oil products to that country during the civil wars.


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