US (IP) - The US students protesting the supportive policies of the country's university to the Israeli regime's war on Gaza, seized one of the dormitories of Columbia University.

Iran Press/America:  Hours ago, on April 30, the Columbia University authorities warned the protesting students and asked the staff and students to stay in the dormitory and avoid any movement.

The notice said that access is restricted to essential-service employees and students who live in residential halls on the campus until the situation gets better.

Protesters began seeing a central campus building at Columbia University in New York early Tuesday morning, one day after the school asked them to voluntarily disperse from an encampment set up in support of Palestinians, NHPR reported.

Once inside, students chained and barricaded the doors. A crowd cheered as the facade was draped with signs reading "Intifada" and "Hind's Hall" — the latter a reference to Hind Rajab, a young Palestinian girl who was killed in the war on Gaza in January.

Columbia University officials announced this morning that they will suspend the pro-Palestinian student protesters who do not leave their campus protest camps.

In another development, in the Austin University campus, Texas, the police clashed with dozens of students, dispersing them with pepper spray; a number of students were arrested as they refused to exit the university.  

The American students have started protest gatherings on 20 campuses across 16 states. 

In California, the students have kicked off open and inclusive protests against the war on Gaza. 

The American student protest movement began 9 days ago on April 17 at Columbia University in New York; the protesting students called on the university to cut off its relations with the Israeli institutions involved in the war on Gaza.

The students call on the universities to stop their cooperation with any company involved in assisting Israel's military war on Gaza.

The number of arrests nationwide has surpassed 900 since April 17. 

Since October 7 and the beginning of the all-out Israeli war on Gaza, over 34,380 people have been martyred and over 77,430 others have been wounded, besides dealing with famine and starvation.


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