New York (IP) - The rallies and demonstrations in solidarity with Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip continue at various American universities, including Columbia University in New York, as the starting point of student protests against the Zionist regime.

Iran Press/America: The pro-Palestinian students gathered on Monday in and around Columbia University in New York, despite the threat of the police forces to arrest them, chanting the slogan of Palestinian freedom and demanding an end to the genocide crimes committed by Zionists against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

The US police forces have a large presence at anti-Israel gatherings of students, and these forces deal violently with student gatherings and arrest pro-Palestinian students.

Arrests and threats of suspension from studies have not prevented the continuation of student protests in various American universities. Protesting students in the US urged the end of the White House's support for the Zionist regime during the killing of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, and they also insisted on stopping any cooperation of American universities with Israel. 219

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