Tehran (IP) - The former Afghan President says the US military presence in Afghanistan had the negative effect and the US slogan of the fight against terrorism strengthened terrorism.

Iran PressAsia: Speaking on Monday at a webinar on "Afghanistan, Peace and Sustainable Security," Hamid Karzai, the former President of Afghanistan, said: "The United States entered our country in 2001 under the pretext of 9/11, and the international community accepted the presence of foreigners in our country."

"Although the United States has made progress in some areas, it has backfired on the military and counterterrorism fronts, and the counterterrorism work has gone against the slogans and strengthened terrorism," he added.

"Now, after 20 years, the departure of the Americans is taking place in such a way that new terrorist groups have risen and the people of our country have been oppressed," Karzai noted.

Karzai called for immediate peace in Afghanistan, calling it good for the region, saying the meeting in Tehran was an important step in that direction.

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"We thank the Iranian brothers and hope that the ongoing negotiations in Qatar will have the desired result for the people of Afghanistan," he concluded. 

Lasting peace is only achieved through consensus.

Ziagol Rezaei, a member of the leadership committee of the High Council for National Reconciliation (CNR) said at the webinar: "Lasting peace and lasting security will not be achieved unless there are three basic pillars: National consensus, regional consensus and global consensus."

The webinar entitled "Afghanistan, Peace and Sustainable Security" was held by the World Assembly of Islamic Awakening with the attendance of various Afghan and international groups and parties influential in the Afghan peace process.


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