The US occupation forces on Monday looted more Syrian resources and transported nearly 95 tankers loaded with stolen oil from the fields of al-Jazeera to their bases in Iraqi territories.

Iran PressWest Asia: "A convoy of the US occupation consisting of 70 tankers loaded with oil left for Iraq on Monday morning via Mahmoudiyah illegal crossing border," a source in Yarubiyah countryside told SANA reporter.

In the same context, the source noted that another convoy left the area at the same time from the illegal al-Walid crossing in Yarubiyah countryside, including 65 vehicles, with some 25 tankers loaded with stolen oil.

With the defeat of the ISIS terrorist outfit, the US forces directly replaced this terrorist group and began looting Syrian oil.

The occupation forces stationed in six regions on the Syrian border have become gangs that steal Syrian oil by tanker to Iraq and then sell it to brokers in Türkiye and other countries."

Iraqi informed sources have said that since the beginning of this year, the US has increased the theft of Syrian oil through Iraqi territory by 20%.


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