Beijing (IP) – The Supreme Advisor to the Commander-in-Chief of Iran's Armed Forces said the US is in command of massacring Palestinians in Gaza.

Iran PressAsia: Delivering a speech at the international conference of common security and sustainable peace held in Beijing, China, Major General Yahya Safavi pointed out that the US is in command of the political, military, and media campaign of massacring Palestinians in Gaza. 

General Safavi said the world is still witnessing the destruction of hundreds of houses, and hospitals, killing and injuring thousands of people, and cutting off water, electricity, fuel, medicine, and food in Gaza.

All nations and states are required to form a discourse in the international arena for protecting global security, he stressed and recalled that security is the greatest divine gift and a basis for all the advancements of humankind. 

The top Iranian commander said the US hegemony and unilateralism failed after adopting the wrong military campaign strategy and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq for 20 years such that it spent more than 7,000 billion dollars and did not achieve any of its political, economic, military, and security goals and finally was forced to withdraw from Afghanistan.


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