IP - The US and UK warplanes targeted Hodeidah International Airport in western Yemen for 6 times of airstrikes on Saturday evening.

Iran Press/ West Asia: According to Iran Press, citing Arab media, this attack targeted Hodeidah International Airport on the coast of the Red Sea.

So far, there have been no reports of casualties or possible damages from these attacks.

Also on Friday Hodeidah Airport was under airstrikes.

US and UK warplanes attacked the 'Al-Zahra' area in 'Taez' province in southern Yemen four times.

The American and British attacks on Yemen were carried out in response to the operations of the Yemeni army against the ships associated with the Zionist regime in the Red, Arabian, and Mediterranean Seas as an action to support the besieged people of Gaza after months of relentless Israeli attacks.

Since last November, the Yemeni army has carried out dozens of missile and drone attacks on commercial ships associated with the Zionist regime in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea in support of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

In contrast, Washington created an international maritime coalition claiming to support shipping in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea, which failed against Yemen's Army missile attacks.

Hodeidah Airport is located in the south of the coastal province of Yemen and has a three-kilometer runway, before the recent war in Yemen, it used to provide services in the field of domestic and international flights.