New York (IP): The spokesperson for the United Nations, Stephane Dujarric, expressed concern about the escalation of tensions in the West Asian region following a deadly Israeli attack on the consulate.

Iran PressAmerica: Dujarric told a press briefing on Monday that the Secretary-General had spoken with the Iranian Foreign Minister last week, adding that the UN is publicly concerned about the risk of further escalation of tensions in the region.

Regarding the extent of dialogue between the United Nations and Iranian authorities, Dujarric replied that it depends on the subject, explaining that the UN communicates with different members based on what they wish to discuss.

He further noted that the UN Secretary-General has been in frequent contact with the Iranian Foreign Minister, who has requested meetings with Guterres during visits to New York. Therefore, communication at various levels is ongoing and continues.

Tensions in the West Asian region escalated after the Israeli regime targeted the Iranian diplomatic mission with an airstrike on April 1, resulting in the martyrdom of 7 Iranian military advisors to Syria, including two senior members of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guard Corps.

In response to this attack, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, emphasized in a message on the martyrdom of IRGC commanders that the Iranian nation will make the Zionist regime regret this crime and similar ones.

Iran vowed to deliver a decisive response to the deadly Israeli aggression at an appropriate time and place.


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