Tehran( IP)- The head of Iran's judiciary said that the agreement between the UAE and the Zionist regime to normalize relations was the result of the Emiratis being deceived and said that the betrayal of the UAE to Islam, the Holy Quds and the ideals of Palestine will not go unanswered.

Iran PressIran News: The head of Iran's judiciary, Seyyed Ibrahim Raisi, on Monday called the Abu Dhabi-Tel Aviv agreement as a betrayal to the Palestinian cause and warned the UAE rulers to wait for the reaction of the pious Emiratis people and other countries.

"The betrayal of the UAE rulers is unforgivable and will not be erased over time, and the UAE's complicity and cooperation with the child-killing and aggressor regime of Israel will not be hidden from the eyes of the free people of the world and will be remembered by the nations."

The head of the Iranian judiciary also stressed that resistance is a very effective and fruitful strategy: "The honor, dignity, and authority of the Islamic Republic have been achieved in the shadow of the strategy of resistance, and any nation that puts this strategy at the forefront will have a dignified, proud and powerful life."

The United States, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates issued a joint statement last Thursday saying Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv were formally normalizing relations.

The Israeli-UAE agreement has sparked a wave of widespread protests by Palestinian groups, countries in the region and a number of world political figures.


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